If Lassie Were A Cat

lassie were a catIt might come to a surprise to all of you to find out that I’m a dog person to the bone. I only post all these cat videos to appease the other 99% of the internet who seem to be cat people. Anyways here’s a very telling video of what it would be like if Lassie were a cat instead of a dog. Expect a lot of dead people.


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  • Mary Atkinson

    Fantastic videos all.


  • Kathryn Terhune Cott

    If Lassie were a cat…

    Too funny! Okay, you know this boy is thinking, "Ohhhh, I wish I'd gotten a Collie!"

    Good thing I do!!

  • Kait

    I had a cat named Lassie. XD

  • dkd

    i know this kid, he lives in my home town. dead serious.

    • Dillweed

      what up dala

  • Dillweed

    That kid is the guitar player in my drunken bluegrass band. If you wanna see what he looks like now search Dirtface Daredevils on youtube.

  • c

    I hate to differ with you, but when I was very sick my cat stayed right with me smelling my hand every so often to see how my body was doing. When I was losing it, he went and got my husband to come. I am not saying that all cats are caregivers, but several that have lived with me are and I thank God for them

  • Jord

    LoL video! Oh and add me to the percentage that are dog people too! I don’t mind kittens, but can’t stand cats! I’m sorry for all those who are cat people. to each his own I guess…

  • Sadadd

    Way to true. But the cat would come back to lick the dead salt off his body but a dog would have dug him out.

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