• Great pictures! They did put a smile on my face. My favorite is the one with the black and white kitties.

    • Cindi Jenson

      The black and white cats touched my heart – they don’t always like each other (like people) but it’s beautiful to see that we can comfort each other. I’m talking cats – not colors – most brother or sister cats fight ALL the time. Unless they need the comfort of the other. They’re so CATTY !

  • julian

    the dog in the last pic looks stoned as

  • Abel Hernandez

    I tried really really hard not to smile, and I was able to suppress smiling until I got to the Giraffe. I just cracked.

  • katie

    these are so cute my fave is the one with the cats tails makeing a heart shape

  • grandma

    i liked the one with dog and puppy together. i think it was a pug dog.

  • Chelsea

    Haha! I love the dog in the swing. He’s so happy! Thanks for sharing. Totally put a smile on my face.