• Adekunle Adebayo

    Cycle of life

  • sooo cute 🙂

  • Lizzie

    The one with the mama giraffe is my favorite!

    • Me again

      Both of them, but especially the second giraffe one 🙂

  • shriya


  • Emily

    The polar bear ones make me want to cry they’re so cute, I love polar bears so much! <3

  • Lola

    what is the animal in the 6th picture? It’s flippin cute!

  • Messaoud914

    magnifique on aurai laisser les animaux faire tourner le monde, ce serai mieux.

  • Mab7_m

    very cute

  • IwasTalkingAboutMe

    this is the cutest thing ever

  • aaaaaaaaaw

  • Akkerz


  • Akkerz


  • Thyme_to_shine


  • That polar bear cub looks sooo cuuute!!!

  • That polar bear cub looks sooo cuuute!!!

  • Earthstone4072

    what the hell is that fuzzy sheep cow starwars creature?

    • cox’n’dix

      i believe thats a baby Tauntaun and its mother haha

  • The glacial stand ones create me desire to weep they’re so attractive, I feel affection for glacial bear a lot!

    • Liam

      Thats kown as Beatiality, its frowned upon in most places.

  • Livlove2001

    so cute!

  • Pandas are my favorite but I too am tender hearted towards the polar bears

  • I don’t want kids, ever. But looking at these pictures could almost change my mind, they’re just so cute! I swear, I love all of these cute animals!

  • jlove22

    The cat picture is really cute and guess what I just received this on the 24th of this month, it was the cover of the birthday card my dad gave me, haha that made me smile.

  • Hiho

    the 6th one has the cutest animals ever!!!

  • Just Sayin.

    The robin in the picture is actually a male, lol

  • guest

    theres all these animals from the wild and then randomly a household cat, lol.

  • Wow, interesting! Has anyone else come across the same thing compared to this? I am curious where to find more responses on this matter…

  • Maz Khan

    mother’s love is universal, animal kingdom being no exception.

  • Jessica Biggers

    a few of these are actually daddy’s love pics but they are all very cute

  • Jessica Biggers

    a few of these are actually daddy’s love pics but they are all very cute

  • Ray Budiardja

    I love you Mom.