• Pete

    The puppy in the 11th picture looks like it has Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. =/

    • Kwpeak

      Yes it does :o(

  • I really enjoyed all of the animal photos….they always make me smile 😉 Thank you!

  • Kathy Kirby50

    could i use some of these cute pics as wallpaper for my desk top and how do i do this i tried right click did not work

    • That girl

      You would have to save the image, then go into your computer files, pictures. Then right click and select set as desktop.


    BOY its amazing how pictures like that bring me so much joy that yiu COMPLETLY FORGET the Bad Headlines of the day.MAKES ME WANT TO HUG MY CAT “BOB” RIGHT NOW and i am going to do just that!

  • Mrlameduck

    Tarquin the aspirational fly

  • Hdghfgghhfh

    those are soooo cute

  • Anonymous

    Really Beautiful

  • G Navarro0713

    Really cool!

  • A.Ranganathan Arunchalam

    like this

  • Adeos18


  • Nina_chicago10

    I really enjoyed all the phots very very cool and nice

  • meh

    Hate to be the one to point it out but the goat on the motorbike is tied up, common practice in some places. The animals are no more than a food source and compassion is not considered. Cruel and not overly lol-worthy

  • giggles

  • i like the one with all the sex.

  • That girl

    The only one that actually made me laugh was the squirrel, with its ears straight up and eyes closed.

  • nice:))