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“No Means Meow”

sex kittenYes Folks, this is another cat video. I had to appease the power that be that is the entire internet and offer up my daily video showing my allegiance to those 4 legged furballs or else I would have been excommunicated from the internet.

It’s a damn funny 5 second clip showing that cats are not only awesome but sexually agressive as well. Props to the folks over at 5SecondFilms for coming up with funny ass shit on a daily basis.

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Firefighters Save Dog’s Life By Performing Rescue Breathing

firefighter saves a dogs life with rescue breathingIf you’re an dog lover like me, this video will definitely bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face. The story goes:

Oakland, California – (Helmet Cam) Firefighters performed rescue breathing on a dog that was found unconscious/unresponsive in a house fire. The dog was found at the backdoor in the kitchen, pulled from the building with minor burns and initially had a respiratory rate of 40+. Firefighters performed rescue breathing for approx. 12 minutes and as you can see survived. The owner was not home at theĀ time so they decided to bring the dog back to the firehouse for dinner and water

And I just want to say one last thing…Firefighters Are Awesome!!!

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Dog Says Grace Before Meal

dog prays before mealI’m not religous in any sense of the word and in fact, I’m pretty sure I would disturb the holy grounds of a church just by walking withing 50ft of it, but I’m still respectful of everybody’s freedom to practice religion and even if that means teaching it to your dog.

Here’s a pretty damn awesome video of a dog saying grace right before devouring a meal. I have to admit, It’s almost as awesome as that dog that fetches beer from the fridge.

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The Most Awesome And Helpful Dog In The World

awesome dog knows tricksHere’s a pretty damn awesome video that might convert some of you devout cat people into considering getting a dog. His name is Jesse and through the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training, he is able to accomplish many task and entertain many tricks. If I found out that he could cook, clean and be quiet while footbal is on, I would considering marrying this dog.

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