cats play patty cakeHere’s a pretty awesome video of two cats playing patty cake. Little do we know that, that is what they want us to believe, when in fact they are practicing their celebration handshake when they ineveitably take over the world with their cuteness.

cat nibbles on dogs earHere’s a pretty entertaining video of a kitten nibbling on a dog’s ear and the dog not giving a damn. I pretty much killed two birds with one stone with this post. Cat lovers and dog lovers can share the joy of such an awesome video.

cat paper jamYou think you’re the only one in the office that sufferes from the dreaded paper jam when your boss is asking for the weekly TPS reports? Think again…cats suffer just as much as we do when that lone piece of paper comes out crooked and then gets sucked back in and twirls the machine.

PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?!

cat dressed as sundae eating bananaHere is a totally random video of some cat dressed up as an ice cream sundae and nibbling on a banana. This could only get more awesome if a cat popped up in the background and started playing a piano while the video panned to rigth to reveal a praire dog giving a dramatic look.

lassie were a catIt might come to a surprise to all of you to find out that I’m a dog person to the bone. I only post all these cat videos to appease the other 99% of the internet who seem to be cat people. Anyways here’s a very telling video of what it would be like if Lassie were a cat instead of a dog. Expect a lot of dead people.

kitten sleeps in tea cupI’m pretty sure this is the cutest video you will see today, this week, this month, this year, and ever. You can end your search for cute cat videos becuase this takes the cake and every other cake known to mankind.

wheelchair cat trust fund kittyDon’t even try to take this clip seriously. It’s probably the most ridiculous thing you’ll see all week and perhaps all month but you laugh you ass off if you give it a chance. It’s from Nick Swardson’s new show on Comedy Central “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time” which will debut in October…can’t wait.

cat drinks from faucetHere’s a seriously cute video of a cat getting his hydration on and doing his best to drink from the faucet. If this doesn’t make you want to go out there and adopt a stray cat, you hvae no soul…

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