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A Chihuahua Dressed Up Like A Bunny…Dog Aficionados, How Can You Pass This Up?

dog in bunny costumeFor the most part, I ususally like to post videos with some redeeming quality beyond that of being extremely cute. However once in a while I’ll stray from these tendencies and give in to a video.

Here’s a video of a Chihuahua dressed up like a bunny and getting rubbed, that is all.

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Elly The Bend And Snap Kitty

elly bend and snap kitty

Here’s a pretty awesome video of a kitty named Elly mimicking the prim and properness of her owner. I usually like to post the video on my site but for some reason the owner of this video disabled embedding, which makes absolutely no sense to me if you want people all over the interent to enjoy the awesomenss of your video. Here’s the link to the video.

via The Daily What

Now I Understand The Internet’s Fascination With Maru The Cat

maru in boxesBeing a dog person, I never really understood the internet’s obession with Maru the cat. I’d watch countless videos of Maru jumping in boxes, playing with vacuums, sleeping, drinking and frankly it never sparked that flame that it sparked in everybody and their mother…that is until I watched this video….now I understand.

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