sex kittenYes Folks, this is another cat video. I had to appease the power that be that is the entire internet and offer up my daily video showing my allegiance to those 4 legged furballs or else I would have been excommunicated from the internet.

It’s a damn funny 5 second clip showing that cats are not only awesome but sexually agressive as well. Props to the folks over at 5SecondFilms for coming up with funny ass shit on a daily basis.

lassie were a catIt might come to a surprise to all of you to find out that I’m a dog person to the bone. I only post all these cat videos to appease the other 99% of the internet who seem to be cat people. Anyways here’s a very telling video of what it would be like if Lassie were a cat instead of a dog. Expect a lot of dead people.

wheelchair cat trust fund kittyDon’t even try to take this clip seriously. It’s probably the most ridiculous thing you’ll see all week and perhaps all month but you laugh you ass off if you give it a chance. It’s from Nick Swardson’s new show on Comedy Central “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time” which will debut in October…can’t wait.