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Site Update


Hey guys and gals! Just wanted to update you on the status of the site. I haven’t been able to give this site my full attention because of my obligations to work and I truly apologize. Being a dog owner myself, I truly understand how awesome animals are and how deeply they can enrich your life and this site was an ode to these beautiful creatures. With my current work situation, I am unable to devote the necessary time to update this site on a consistent basis and in a manner consistent with the quality you come to expect. I am not shutting the site down. I am just taking a short hiatus and I promise to come back better and more awesome than before. I will still continue to update the Facebook with an awesome picture or two a day. Thank you to everyone who has supported the site throughout the years. You guys rock! And if you were wondering, the dog in the picture is my dog Ella. She is beyond awesome and puts a smile on my face each and everday and I just wanted to give her a shout out.