“Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.”

baby giraffe

Most babies measuring 5 ft would be considered big, but newborn giraffe, Margaret, at Chester Zoo , UK is seen as unusually small for her species. She is one of the smallest giraffes ever born at Chester Zoo, but pint-sized Margaret will soon be an animal to look up to. Little Margaret, who is the first female Rothschild giraffe born at the zoo, is being hand-reared by her dedicated keepers. The first calf for six-year-old mum Fay, Margaret, who was born two weeks early, tipped the scales at just 34 kilos (75 lbs) and is a mere 5ft tall.

2 rabbits 1 cupHere’s a pretty awesome video of 2 rabbits mulling about in paper cups.

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